LED-Optimized Medical Electronics Coating Offers Operating Cost Savings

Use of LEDs results in higher electrical efficiency and instant on/off capability.

Dymax has introduced MD® 1901-M, a flexible, high-performance, LED-curable coating for medical microcircuits typically used in hearing aids, wound-care devices, and medical pumps.  1901-M developed to be tack-free immediately after curing, helps prevent potential defects that could occur as a result of components being handled too soon.  This low-durometer, flexible coating is ideally suited for flex circuits due to its ability to resist cracking or delamination while the board is being flexed.  The product’s secondary heat-cure capability provides a solution for areas that may be shadowed from the light source.  

1901-M is ISO-10993-5 approved for customers who are looking for a medical-grade electronics coating, seal, or moisture barrier.  Dymax LED curing systems provide cooler cures and extend the cure capabilities of thermal-sensitive substrates.

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