Light/Moisture-Cure Conformal Coating Lowers Annual Operating Costs

Rapid curing maximizes material usage and results in increased throughput and production capacity.

Dymax Corporation has introduced Dymax 9481-E, a UV/moisture-cure conformal coating engineered for superior circuit protection in coating applications that require ambient shadowed-area cure.  Solvent-free 9481-E offers OEMs and EMS providers key benefits versus solvent-based and heat-cured coatings including faster throughput, increased production capacity and floor space, maximum material usage, and lower annual operating costs.

Dymax 9481-E offers rapid secondary moisture cure that guarantees cure on all areas of the board, including those shadowed from light, without the need for heat or additional processing.  Its low viscosity enables easy application of desired coating thicknesses, while its high fluorescing provides easy inspection of thin layers and component edges.  The product is tack free immediately after cooling; preventing fingerprints and other defects from being left on the board as a result of premature handling.

The time required to process 9481-E is significantly shorter than solvent-based or heat-cured coatings, allowing for more boards to be processed on the same production line.  The product offers excellent chemical resistance and its low surface tension allows for excellent wetting of a wide range of solder masks, components, and assembly materials.  9481-E meets key industry specifications including MIL-I-46058C, UL 746-E, UL 94 V-0 flammability, and IPC-CC-830-B.

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